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Installation Diagrams

French Pattern & Ashlar Pattern Set

Sizes: 8x8/8x16/16x16/16x24


Diamond Design


Sizes: 6x6/12x12/16x16 and more


Percent (%):100



Herringbone Design


Sizes: 6X12

Percent (%):100



Twins Design


Sizes: 6x12

Percent (%):100



Circle Pattern


Combo Size    Percent (%)

      6X12               89%

      6X6                 11%



Herringbone Inserted Pattern


Combo Size     Percent (%)

      6X12                 80%

      6X6                   20%



Ali's Pattern

Combo Size      Percent (%)

      6x12                   75%

      6x6                     25%



Bosco's Pattern


Combo Size      Percent (%):

      6x12                   50%

      6x6                     50%   



Travertine Floor Tile Pattern and Mosaic Tile Patterns

If you’re considering Travertine tile pattern, Travertine paver products, or floor tile pattern options for  your home or

office space, you’ve come the right spot because Marble Florida offers one of the largest selections of  high quality mosaic tile

 patterns, Travertine for tile floors, stone flooring, French pattern tile and paver products, and more. 

For Granite, Marble, Travertine Installation, Ideas, French Pattern tile, French Pattern pavers,  Patterns, and More

Travertine installation is an art form, and we’ve been honing this fine craft for decades as a family owned importer of the finest

quality Travertine, marble and granite stone from Turkey.  Travertine is a natural porous stone formed from geothermal springs

 and is often used in modern architecture. Travertine marble, Travertine Pavers, Travertine deck , Travertine stone, and

all Travertine shower and Travertine countertop slabs and tiles come in various colors and tile patterns, are very versatile

in their use, and are ideal for creating unique an exquisite tile floor patterns, tile backsplashes, and tile designs for kitchens,

baths, entryways, pools, driveways and more. 

You’ll find no shortage of options when it comes to selecting your Travertine tile pattern or marble tile pattern.  We have the

ability to fulfill requests for a vast array of tile designs, not just Travertine tile pattern,  but also patterns for marble and

limestone tile.

We offer the most sought after colors for Travertine and marble tiles, copings and pavers available too, including Walnut,

Noce, Ivory, Gold, Roman Blend, Medium River, Leonardo, Budget Project Tiles and Pavers, Cloudy Light Walnut, Cappuccino,

Crema Beige Marble, Turkish Marfil, Exotic Gold, Silver, Country Classic, and more. 

Every order we process for our customers undergoes stringent packing, shipping and delivery guidelines, so we are able to

guarantee our products arrive as described and without or minumum breakage.  Our marble installation and Travertine tile

installation include options for cross cut tile, vein cut tile or French pattern tile, so we are able to match your existing tile or

create designs that perfectly suit your style and budget.

Simply put, we make sure that your natural stone, Travertine stone, granite and marble stone products all come to you safe and secure, and that you are 100% satisfied with our service.  You can rely on this promise.

Let  Marble Florida help you select  your Travertine tile pattern, Travertine paver products, or floor tile pattern and know that

you’ll be supported by our commitment to ensuring you receive nothing but the highest level of customer service and

care possible, and products that reflect the finest quality workmanship in the industry.